6 Ways To Test The Purity Of Honey

Honey is a common food item you will find in many people’s pantries. It’s something people like to keep in their home, especially if they have children. The various beneficial properties of honey make it an indispensable part of our lives. Honey has the natural ability to cure many diseases. It makes our immune system strong, fights colds and allergies. It has outstanding healing properties. It helps to boost energy and memory. You will find various kinds of honey in the supermarkets. But it is hard to tell whether the honey you bought is 100% pure or adulterated. Honey that is adulterated contains extra glucose and other ingredients. This type of honey loses their valuable properties, so are not good for your health. Here are some ways to test whether the honey you bought from the market is pure or not.

Check the brand and label

The first thing you should do is check the brand of the honey. Renowned manufacturers don’t adulterate the honey they sell. Also, if the honey is made by a company in the European Union then you can trust the brand. This is because by law these companies are required to sell only pure honey. You should make sure that on the list of ingredients there is no fructose corn syrup or any kind of commercial glucose.

The appearance

Pure honey will appear granular after few days. If you see that your honey is not granulating and still smooth after keeping it in your fridge for several days, you should know that it’s not pure. However, it is not a guaranteed way of telling whether the honey is pure or not. You can buy honeycomb, honey. The honey is still on the comb when it is kept in a jar. This type of honey is pure.

The thumb test

You can take out some honey from the jar using your thumb. If the honey spreads or spills then it is not pure honey. If it stays in its place then you can say that the honey you bought is pure.

 The flame test

You should take a cotton pad or candle wick and dip it inside the honey jar. Then you should light the cotton pad. If the pad or wick burns then the honey you took was pure. If you find that the cotton pad or wick is not lighting then the honey was adulterated. You can also conduct the test using a matchstick.

The water test

When pure honey is added to the water, it will drop at the bottom or will stay in lumps. Honey in which additives have been added will dissolve in water completely.

The vinegar test

When you add honey to a mixture of vinegar and water and find that no foam is formed then you can say that the honey is pure. If you find bubbles building up then you should know that the honey is not 100% pure.

All these tests can be carried out at home and you can easily find out whether the honey you bought is pure or not. You should buy pure honey in order to reap off all its benefit. So, after you buy honey from the shop always test it at home before consuming it.

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