There are many people out there who are interested in traveling and learning about honey as well. If you think you are someone with lots of knowledge regarding these two topics, then you can write for the blog. Traveling to different beekeeping destinations is a wonderful way to learn about beekeeping practically. There are many destinations that you can visit to learn about beekeeping. During these tours, you will get to taste different kinds of bees and even take a virtual tour to learn the techniques of beekeeping. If you have been to one of these tours then you can write about your experience here. If you know how to produce honey commercially then you can give advice to our audiences. Basically, you can write anything about honey in this blog.


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The articles of the blog are meant for readers who are genuinely interested in traveling and beekeepers or honey. So, the articles must be informative and well written. Your articles shouldn’t be more than 1,000 words long and you must include colorful images along with the articles. You cannot add any external link from the articles. You should include a short author bio and add a link to your site from there, and not from the body of the article.

Your articles will be under review. Our expert team will go through them and see if they are good structurally and content-wise. If there is any copied material then your articles will be rejected right away. You will need to edit the articles if necessary. Once your article is accepted, we will notify you in writing and the article will be published on our site within a short time. It will later be added to our archive. Please submit your article by email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.