5 Things You Should Know Before Starting Beekeeping

To many people beekeeping is a hobby; they like to produce their own fresh honey. For others, it’s a profession. They sell the honey in large amounts to the market and earn their living from the trade. As people have become more knowledgeable now and there are lots of specialized equipment available that makes beekeeping easy, many people now consider beekeeping on their roof or backyard. If you are one of them and plan to start your own beekeeping then you should know the following things.

Understand your purpose

First, you will have to decide why you want to start beekeeping. Space, equipment and other things required will depend on your purpose. If you want to do it just as a hobby, then you can start doing it within a small space in your roof, garden or backyard. But if you are thinking of doing it commercially then you need to select the right place. You must remember you can only start beekeeping in a location where there are flowers.

Find out if it’s legal

It may not be legal to start beekeeping in your area. So, before you buy any equipment you should first find out the law regarding beekeeping in your place or neighborhood. For example, if you were to start beekeeping in Hillsboro, you will need to get City Animal Permit and act according to the Oregon Bee Law. So, it is important to find out the laws of beekeeping in your area.

Cost and time

Beekeeping takes money and time. You should spend about $300 to $500 on each hive. You will also need to find time to look after the hive. You will need to spend at least an hour every week to look after one hive. You will need extra time to start the smoker, clean the equipment, etc.

Family and neighborhood support

You should make sure that your family supports your new venture. There may be people in the family who may have extreme allergic reactions to bee stings. In that case, you should think twice before starting beekeeping. You should also make sure that your neighbors don’t feel harmed due to your beekeeping. You can have a high fence around the area so that your bees can’t get inside your neighbors’ properties. Also, you can educate your neighbor that beekeeping is absolutely safe and their health or property won’t be in danger.

Buy the right equipment and attire

You should buy the right equipment to start beekeeping. It will save your time. You should buy a smoker. You need to buy attire similar to the space suits in order to protect yourself when you will be working near the hives.

You need to plan well and study before starting beekeeping. You should take all the precautions and choose the place properly so that your family’s health isn’t in danger. You will need to keep on trying before you can get results. In the beginning, you may not get honey at all, but you shouldn’t be impatient. With practice, you will be able to collect a lot of honey from the beehives.

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