Top 5 beekeeping destinations in the world

If you are a beekeeper or have interest in this area then you can learn more about it by taking tours around the world and meeting beekeepers. You will learn about the various species of bees and the ways different types of honey are made. If you like traveling and have a passion for honey then you should choose destinations where you can meet lots of beekeepers.


If you are a beekeeper or might soon become one then Slovenia should be your first destination. Beekeeping is a very important part of agriculture in Slovenia. It is a great place to find bees of various species. Beekeeping is, in fact, a part of the Slovenian culture. Slovenia is known to be the home to Carniolan bee, which can also be found in Nice (a great place to get a luxury car rental!). Many pioneers of apiculture had chosen Slovenia to be their place of work.  You will find thousands of bee houses across the country. You will be able to enjoy various apitherapy treatments here like honey massages, beeswax thermotherapy, bee venom massages, etc.


There are various beekeeper clubs and cooperatives in Uganda. You can easily take tours and visit these beekeepers. You will be able to taste different kinds of honey during your tour. They hold candle-making workshops for the visitors as well.


The Fairmont Royal York in Toronto has a rooftop apiary. This shows how much the Canadians are interested in bees. The honey produced on the hotel’s rooftop hives are used to cook food and make cocktails for the guest. The honey is used in spa treatments as well. You will be able to go on different kinds of beekeeper tours.


You will find many rooftop hives here. The honey produced in these hives is used by chefs to cook dishes and bartenders to make special cocktails. In hotels, you will find homemade honey for sale. The Rhone-Alpes region is a very important destination for the beekeepers. You will be able to indulge yourself in various honey spa treatments. You will find all kinds of bee products in different street markets.

New Zealand

There are thousands of beekeepers in New Zealand who are managing nearly half a million beehives. You can go on various hive tours and see how honey is made. You can get Comvita bees in Bay of Plenty. The famous Manuka honey is produced by this species of bee. The interesting part of your tour can be taking a virtual tour as a bee and learn how the bees actually make honey. There are companies who can give you practical experience in handling beehives.

You can also do a real tour by booking a Range Rover rental in Nice, which is a great experience!

These tours will teach you lots of things about honey and maintain beehives. If you want to become a beekeeper then you must take one or more of these tours. That way you will be able to maintain your beehives well and produce the best quality, honey.

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