Are you looking for an affordable advertising solution? Then you have come to the right place. We provide great advertising solutions to our clients. If your target customers are our audiences and if you have a product or service in the same niche then it’s a wonderful opportunity for you. You can choose from plenty of adverting options. Here are some of the options worth mentioning.

Newsletter Ads

We send monthly newsletters by email to our readers. The newsletters contain news, information about events and lots more. You can place your advertisement here. It is very likely that your advertisement will be noticed by our readers.

Google AdWords

These ads will pop up on our screen. You will need to only pay us whenever a reader clicks on your ad. It is a good option if you have a budget constraint. You will only pay once a reader is redirected to your site.

Social media marketing

Your ads will appear on our social media pages. We have lots of fans and followers on our social media pages and your ads will get good exposure there. You will have a high chance of getting prospective customers.


We organize contests and other events. You can sponsor those events. It is a wonderful way to promote your brand. You will be able to reach your targeted customers.

Sponsored reviews

Those who are interested in honey production or the types of honey, they will read our reviews seriously. Our audiences trust us and they value our opinion. If you have a product or service related to the niche, you can have sponsored reviews. We will write good articles related to your product or service and add a link to your site. You will find lots of traffic through sponsored reviews.

Banner Ads

It is the simplest form of advertisement and you can choose your advertisement according to your budget. The size and location of the advertisement will depend on how much money you want to spend on it. It is a very effective form of advertisement.

To learn more about our advertising solutions, please write to us. We will explain you the options in details so that you can choose a suitable one for your brand.