Are you fond of honey? It’s something that has countless beneficial properties. Those who understand how important honey is for our health will take that extra mile to find the best quality, honey. I’m one of those people and throughout the years I’ve experimented with various kinds of honey, trying to understand the differences in their tastes and qualities.

I am also a traveler. Every year whenever I get the chance I try to visit different places around the world. Apart from seeing the natural beauty, architecture, and cultures, I also search for honey in those places. I try to visit the local beekeepers and learn how the honey is extracted. It’s really amazing how the beekeepers have to carefully collect the bees in the beehives. I’ve also learned what other processes the raw honey has to go through before reaching the superstore shelves.

Just like people like to grow their own vegetables nowadays, beekeeping has also become a trend. Honey is a very important food for good health and people like to eat 100% pure honey. The only way to do it is to produce honey in beehives and extracting it from the bee comb. The urban dwellers are beekeeping on rooftops and gardens. If you are looking for advice and information regarding beekeeping then this site is the best place to be.

Beekeeping is not easy. You will need to have the proper knowledge to produce honey in a beehive. You will need to know the local laws regarding beekeeping and consider your neighbors’ sentiments before having beehives. Beekeeping is a huge field and lots of modern techniques have been evolved. Here you will read about the step-by-step guide on how to become a beekeeper. You will also learn about different types of honey and their properties.

Traveling is my hobby. I love experiencing different types of culture and food; not to forget honey especially. In this blog, you will learn about beekeepers, honey, and travel. I hope you will love reading my articles every day.